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Acrylic paint, ink on papier mache canvas
22 cm x 31 cm x 3cm
I was inspired by the Phantom of the Opera for this mask. I wanted to show the idea of Heartbreak on this piece; as it related to the other two masks I had done with subjects of love and fun (in a childlike way).
I made the mask in papier mache, and once I fixed it on the canvas, I worked on the "break" that is on the side. I made further markings on the mask itself. I added the details of the eye -first I left it all in black, then decided something was missing. I added the silver to the side, then the eyelash to make it stand out further. The copper and gold glitter came next.
I think that this piece was the most challenging one on the concept idea, mostly because I kept having a vague idea of what I wanted without having a full finished product in my mind. I kept on thinking of the initial question: "Who am I?" that I have been working on. And with heartbreak, what can you show more that the break side of things? I added the tear in gold at the very end when I came to the conclusion that when you can only see the eye, the tear is the only reflection that you have of the heart breaking inside. the darkeness of the eye here is more important than the other pieces I did before, because the use of black where the eye would be on the mask, is actually a thought to the fact that your inside is dark and empty when you go through this emotion.

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