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acrylic, ink, thread, beads and sparkles on canvas
23.00cm x 31.00cm
Lovers and Mended Hearts
In this artwork, perfect for Valentine's day and lovers everywhere, I bring Cupid's story. In many tales and allusions, cupid or Eros is blind, as well as having a bow and arrow that brings love -or lust- to two people.
This mask is a full face mask, because when we are in love, we do so fully. The blinfold is for Cupid; and the gold needle and thread, for the mended hearts that try to heal everywhere.

I took some inspiration from the Venetian masks: the gold interlaced with black, the sparkles on the side of the face. I used gold and black in reference to the dark and light, gold both for the light as well as the gold thread there. The blind is a net that I painted and washed down a bit, because when I think of Cupid, I think of him as putting the blind on so often, that it is overused in a way.

My work on the serie "Who Am I?" is relating to the different behaviour and "faces" that we put on everyday.

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