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Acrylic, pebeo paint and papier mache, on canvas
22.50 cm x 31.50
This artwork took me a long time to create.
I love the idea of a mask being discovered within the ashes or the dust, where the colors are so vibrant and full of life, that it brings you to a time of joy and cheerfulness.
This particular mask is on the theme of "fun". Hence I refer to Harlequin (not the comics type, the Commedia del Arte instead).
I made the lyrics sheet on drawing paper, applying tea on it (for the stains), then writing everything. At the end I burnt the edges because I really like the effects it gives.
Although it is a smaller size, the colors and 3D style I made makes it an incredible piece of art. You can feel the mask by touch, which I believe is a big turn into art in the future.

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