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acrylic paint, ink, glue and wood-sticks on canvas
91cm x 61 cm
March 2016 to March 2018-I made this painting with the simple violinist playing in mind. When I first made that (2016), I did so with a palette knife; I worked on the body shape to make it not too thin, because that is something I really believe in (not "selling" a body of skin and bones, unless there is a message behind it).
I left it for a while, knowing that that woman was too masculine (arms too big, proportions just not right). Recently I decided to work on something relating to ourselves: "Who am I?"

Now from that question, I thought of the faces that we put on, to deal with various situations and people. I wanted to do masks for ages, and I decided that this would be a great opportunity.
So in March 2018, I made this picture to give the idea of a good vs bad, of truth vs lies. You always look at someone and notice this and that: from the way they look, you think you can figure out their entire life. But we never see everything from someone without getting to know them first, spending time with them.
The left arm is covered in darkness, the hand itself doesn't look human. The idea of good vs evil comes into the picture.
The violin is man-made, and in my artwork, I glued together pieces of wood sticks together (in horizontal and vertical lines that show the opposites idea too).
I hope my viewers will feel a sense of piece at the same time as a feeling of unknown and mystery, that would give enough curiosity to unravel everything this Violinist has to show.

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