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acrylic paint on canvas
60.00 x50.60 x1.00
You've got curves
A lot of questions related to our own body and worth inspired my work. Several came back in different forms, such as: "Why are we so self conscious about our body shape?", "Why do we care so much about what others think?", "How can we enjoy life, when we worry about what we eat, what we do, and how much exercise we don't do?"
The society we live in does not make it easy. Social Media work a lot on pictures, making problems such as anorexia and bulimia one of the main health issues in younger generations nowadays. Personally, I think the human body is beautiful; many great artists painted beautiful nudes. Obviously now, we do not have to look at paintings to see people mostly naked, because that seems to become a norm in the movie, songs and adverts industries. Well, and everywhere else as well actually.
When I see this and the impact it has on our younger generations, I want to ask: Are you comfortable in your body? If yes, then why do you care what others say? Fat, no fat... whatever! YOU are Unique, and you are Beautiful.

For a while, I used to get people around me tell me about losing weight. I am not fat but I have curves. But I am also strong and confident in myself. I am not sick, I enjoy my life. And I wanted to put it out there that it is okay, to be curvy, or fat or skinny. You just have to like you. Yourself.

I used palette knife for the background, because it gives a rougher edge to the surface. I worked with Acrylic paint, and a touch of ink. I made this one without any research beforehand, but used my own body instead.

I felt a different kind of connection with this piece, because I think many things may not go right in the world, but this one shouldn't be one of them. I love my body and I wish I could put that message out there for men and women everywhere, who are insecure about themselves.

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