£150.00 Sold

acrylic on canvas
51.cm x 61.cm x 1
Thor Project Avengers #6
September 2015 to 2018- The Mighty Thor is one of my favorite paintings, because of the high I get when I have a good challenge, as well as the fact that this painting is a lot more me than the other marvel characters. I love mythology, and I find Thor very interesting. I did some research and a few sketches about the position and the attributes before starting this painting, which allowed me to get more detail in. I also took more time on this one, because I made a critical mistake to the head at first. The proportions were wrong, which meant that I had to re-paint the upper part and start again. This is entirely my view of what Thor may look like: a bit more mysterious, a bit less human. I changed the background by adding some sketches and paint, then adding some lines and shapes with a black marker pen.
I believe that this painting would suit any Geek, Comics fan, lover of super hero. I package every piece of art myself in Bubble wrap, and have had great comments from pleased customers. Ideal for birthday present and Christmas gift, Anniversary, engagement and other festivities that require a unique present.

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