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acrylic on canvas
51.0cm x 61.0cm
Black Widow Project Avengers #4
2015 to 2018- I find the Black Widow character very interesting: she is a woman, where we usually see men as heroes; she is pictured as a hero when she was trained as an assassin. She wants to redeem herself by using the skills she has to defend freedom. For me, she represents choices, being strong, being confident in yourself. She was dealt a bad hand of cards and made her choices to make it work, against odds.
It took me a while to finish this painting, because I kept on finding something wrong with something I had done, and had to go back several times.
This is my version of Black Widow, so I know that it doesn't really look likethe version from the movies, or even the version in the actual comics. That is because I kept on thinking about what I think a female assassin may look like, about what would make her the best. It is strange but I kept on thinking about the long hair that I had seen in the comics version: I was like "well, that would just get in the way, and its asy to grab anyway... and it is too much to look after..."
I worked on the background after changing it from black to a colorful and "messy" style. Now you have a lot of pictures to look at, all in one, from sketches that I did on paper then glued on it, to words that I added with a black marker pen after, to extra details here and there, hidden in details. It all works in a mystery for the viewer to find out and appreciate.
I work a lot around the Woman and it's image. I keep on getting back to the way woman are seen or what they are supposed to be. We hear a lot through social media, news, politics and religion. It does not feel like it is up to date for the most part. I sometimes feel like we live backward. I find confident women appealing, confidence in themselves and their abilities. I think that my opinion is often reflected in my work.
I think that this painting is beautiful because it tell you more by looking at it than words can explain.
This painting would appeal to any Geek, Marvel, DC and Comics fan. It would make a perfect gift to yourself, or for a birthday, an engagement, a wedding; even a perfect gift for Christmas.
I do the packaging myself, and take very good care with each piece of Artwork that I make. It is important to me to know that my Artwork is packed properly, and delivered to each of my Clients so that you, in turn, are happy.

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