£150.00 Sold

acrylic on canvas
51.0cm x 61.0cm
Iron Man Project Avengers #2
September 2015 to 2018-
"I am Iron Man"
Iron Man is a Character from Marvel Comics, Hero by Himself as well as part of the Avenger group.
Iron man is probably the hardest Avenger to make, because of the armor. I had fun making it even if it was challenging at times. I love the effect from the red on the armor, It was fun to used the shades and make everything bit by bit. I think that if I had to go back and do it again, I would probably do a lot more sketches beforehand though. I challenged myself by not sketching and going straight on the canvas, and I loved working that way. for a while, I left the background black, as I had done with the others, but over time, I thought to myself that something is missing. That I can still do better.
So I used several sketches that I made for the background, in paper mache style, and used acrylic paint for the main character. I used some ink as well here and there. The made the sketches of different marvel and DC characters, and styles, and it came out very well. Now in the background, I have a mix of names, characters and characteristics from both DC and Marvel. It feels a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, made to amaze and puzzle all in one. I can stare at this painting for ages and think "oh yeah, this is here". It feels like you can look and think you know everything, untilyou find a new piece again.
I would recommend this painting for everyone but particularly every fan of Marvel and DC alike, Iron Man as well obviously. It would be the perfect present for a birthday or anniversary, and an amazing gift for Christmas.
I bubble wrap and post every piece of artwork that I make myself, so I take great care with every package. It is a beautiful piece to have, in any room, to moon over superheroes or to find each piece at a time.

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