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acrylic on canvas
51.0cm x 61.0cm
Hulk project Avengers #3
September 2015 to 2017- Hulk is a Marvel character, seen in comics and movies, by himself, or as part of the Avengers group. Hulk seems to be a newer version of Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde book. Bruce Banner is the scientist and Hulk, its counterpart. Personally, Hulk reminds me of those marshmallow bears: big outside and fluffy inside. I always see Hulk represented in a fighting mood. It really isn't how I see him though. He has so many issues to deal with and still manage to care for people and the world around him. It's a version of a beast inside the man: which one do you give control to? I think it all goes back to the idea that we all have to fight our own demons, no matter where we are and who we are.
As a painting, I think that drawing the muscles was challenging, but having the right color was more problematic for me: Hulk started off with very bright green muscles... I managed to tone it down until I was happy with the result.
For the background, I used sketches that I had done on separate papers, some of them with Hulk angry, some others with the other avengers. I glued the ones I felt would go better together, then using a black marker pen, I went over some lines, and made new ones as I incorporated words and landscapes on the canvas.
I find this piece beautiful in its own way, and I would recommend it to anyone, be it a Hulk fan, or a Comics fan.
Because I wrap them myself, I give the piece special care with bubble wrap and cardboard.

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