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Acrylic and Watercolor paint on Canvas
50 cm x 40 cm
Being a Sold-ier
January 2018- In memory of Soldiers all over the world who have lost a part of themselves to War. In this painting I made a combination of three ideas into one:
-First: The soldier wearing a helmet with the message “War is Hell” is from a picture that I saw one day somewhere, and the message around that picture really got to me.
-Second, there is the shadow in the background, showing the outline of a soldier running for cover as there is an explosion behind him.
-Finally,I added poppies along the soldier’s head as well as his heart, to symbolise a soldier's lost brothers in arms and the memories they hold. Because there are brothers of blood and brothers of the mind (those we choose, we aren't born with).
This painting was important to me, because we see more and more violence everywhere, and we seem to become used to it.

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