£25.00 Sold

paint, marker and ink on paper
53cm x 42cm
Dance with an angel
December 2017- I made this painting as a Christmas gift commission. The client wanted to mix the notion of angelkind, and have something related to the dance style.
Technique: I incorporated both on an abstract background (mix of white and pink), and used pencil, then markers to do the woman. For the Angel, I imagined the effect that old paintings have on walls in Cathedrals and other older monuments. I used a scalpel to scrap the paint to reveal the shape of the angel, without adding too much details. This artwork took me a few hours spread on different days to allow the paint to dry.

If you look from afar, you only see the woman, but as you get nearer, the angel appears. After speaking to my client, we decided that a Gold looking frame would look perfect, with a white band all around the paper to give it more depth. The gift was well received and appreciated.

If you would like something similar, please contact me with your request.

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