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acrylic on canvas
40.6 x 50.8 x 1
The four seasons: the fairy and her gorilla
February 2015- In this painting I wanted to represent a child’s world. I tried to represent the different aspects of childhood with its innocence, its wildness and its dangers. The fairy represents the child, cheeky mythical creature that I found fitting. The forest represents the wild world around the child with dangers lurking around that we are not always aware off. So I decided to give the child protection: the Gorilla is a fierce animal, violent at times, and impressive to look at. I thought the animal fitting because of these reasons.
Thechnique: I really enjoyed this work because it was the first time I worked on canvas with acrylic paint and I really loved it. I saw the differences with the watercolor paint that I was using previously. As well as having a different "texture" to the painting, I notices differences in the way I had to use the Acrylic paint.

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