£50.00 Sold

acrylic paint, ink on canvas
40.70 cm x 50.80 cm
April 2015- The sun is going up in the sky for a new day as this young woman's life changes. A bird flies away from her hand, toward a new adventure. The woman has her other hand on her stomach, a caress to the new life inside her. She is walking on a path taking her forward and away as well. But as we look closer on the painting, the path can be seen as well as a shadow of the woman: a pregnant shadow.
The bird is a representation of Freedom, that flies away as responsibilities set in. This painting has a powerful message. I originally made this painting thinking about the future and about life and its mysteries. More and more, as I worked on this painting, I found myself thinking about responsibilities that we get as we grow up. As a woman, I know how it is, and as a Mother, I feel trapped sometimes by what I should be or should do. I know I am not the only one. There is a part of me in this.

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