pen pencil and pastel on paper
21cm x 29.70cm
2015- This drawing was made as a serie when I worked on Christianity.
One of my brothers at the time was diagnosed with Cancer. He told me while getting treated that he Believed. He started to go to Church on a regular basis, Read the Bible. I made these with him in mind.
This is an important topic in my eyes. We live in an age where we are too busy to spend time with our children. We are too busy at work, at meetings, running around and basically not having time. OR not Taking time I should say. Before phones, TV that had 6 channels, and the internet; we seemed to have a bit more time.
So this picture, I wanted to make it to show that love, that precious time that we don't really think about, where time goes by without us taking the time to see our children grow.
So maybe, we should start thinking about the important things that matter in life, and start living...

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