£25.00 Sold

acrylic paint and ink on paper
42cm x 59cm
Tiger at Rest
This is a commission request.
The client saw another one of my tigers that I have on canvas.
Because she liked the work, but felt it would look better for her house in paper (easy to put in a frame), I told her that I could make a similar one to the one she saw, on paper.
As you can see, I made a few lines, and descarded details in this. It gave me a sense of freedom from my usual work, since I had to work on the "bold" strokes. I made the blue background in reference to the sky, (I also added salt to parts of the paper, and it took away the natural shine of the acrylic paint in those parts) the idea of a natural background more appealing that anything else. I used a toothbrush to have sports of paints, that would look like stars.
I also used a sponge as well as a normal paintbrush to give it different texture effects.

If you would like something similar to this work, feel free to contact me with your request.

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