Any writers among us? 

Any artists among us?

Truth is, if you are an artist, you may be a writer too; if you are a writer, you may be an artist too. 

You must think: "what is she talking about?"

Well, fellow artists, we create a scene not with words, but with drawings and paint and ink and a good bit of imagination too. 

Fellow writers, We create a scene with words and ink, sweat and blood (nearly), and a good bit of imagination too!

In "The Art of Fiction", Henry James wrote: "The analogy between the art of the painter and the art of the novelist is, so far as I am able to see, complete. Their inspiration is the same, their process (allowing for the different quality of vehicle) is the same. They may learn from each other, they may explain and sustain from each other". 


 Dear Diary:

Are we missing something? As an artist, should I write about the scenes I create? Should I write stories that go with each painting? 

It is an idea worth looking into. 

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