Good Afternoon everyone,

I have been hearing a Lot of people lately saying that there is "no choice" for this or that problem they face. I Do not believe that is true to be honest. 

Let me explain myself: I think that even when we don't have a choice, we still DO in fact still have a choice.

And our MAIN choice is the way in which we take the situation: positive or negative. 

We can all think of a situation where we said or thought that we had a "bad" day, or to the contrary a "good" day. So what makes those 24 hours different from one another?

Answer: Our Perception of it. Think about it: You can wake up in the morning, see that the weather is all grey and "miserable" outside, and think "rrrrh, I need to wear a stupid coat now, and the weather is probably gonna get worse and this day sucks already..."


You could think "I am in such a good mood, and the weather is pretty outside, making it feel like the time has stopped for a moment before waking up to a beautiful day too. I can wear that pretty jumper to keep me warm and use my thermos for my coffee. I'll enjoy it outside". 

It is all about perspective. So be Bold, be Strong and Think Positive!

Until Next time,

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