Hey everyone, 

It has been a couple of weeks now that I have been working again, progressively, with watercolors. And I figured something out: I used to use watercolors wrong. How can that be? I mean, paint is paint and can be used the same everywhere, right? 

Well, no. For one, there are different kinds of watercolors. I mean, just go to the art store, and go to the aisle for watercolors, and you will see that they have different types, even different names, that are different types of watercolors with fancy names... sometimes. 

Well, for one, to use watercolors well, you need... water. Haha, right. The trick is, you apply some water on the surface you are planning to paint, in the color you choose, then you add water to your palette where the color is. Then you apply your brush to the palette then the part you wanna paint. 

Now if you want just one color and you need that part to be just that color, the con here is that you will need to wait for the water to dry. 

But when applying the water before, "magic" happens when the brush (with paint) touches the wet paper. 

So I think that If I want to make an illustration: for a children's book, or a marvel comics style. This may be the paint to use. 

Obviously I haven't figured it all out, but I am happy with my progress. 

To see my latest work with watercolors go to "animals" page, and see "Lion King". Or the "Portrait of a rider and her horse" on the "portrait" page. 

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