pencil and pen on paper
28.1cm x 35.8cm
Stained glass angel
December 2017- I made this piece after reading a serie that I keep re-reading, relating to angels, vampires and mortals alike. Because I love these kind of stories, I guess the inspiration comes easily. I sketched a lot before this drawing, to figure out how to make the wings look like stained glass. I wanted each feather to look like stained glass, but be unique at the same time. I loved creating each feather in different colors. It took me several days (one hour per day) to make this, spread on weeks to complete this piece.
As you may imagine, the wings were the most challenging, because of the tones as well as the amount of details needed.

Prints can be available upon request, or visit my page on the saatchiart link (on the links page).

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