pen pencil and pastel on paper
21cm x 29.70cm
woman stained glass
2015- This is one of my old sketches that I made with a few others around Christianity.
I was inspired to do these at the time because one of my little brothers had just been diagnosed with Cancer. After some time he told me that he started going to church, read the Bible, and believed in God. I made these pictures with him in mind.
I was inspired to draw innocence, the way that it gives hope and a kind if naive approach to life.
This yound woman is seeing the world, the beauty in it; the flower is a representation of that idea. The bright colors emphasize the hope of a great life ahead, a life full of joy and love.
I see this drawing and think that there is no darkness there, that in an ideal world, people would have this look of bliss. It is peaceful.

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