pen, pencil and pastel on paper
21cm x 29.70cm
Vierge Marie
2015- This drawing was made as a serie when I worked on Christianity.
One of my brothers at the time was diagnosed with Cancer. He told me while getting treated that he Believed. He started to go to Church on a regular basis, Read the Bible. I made these with him in mind.

"La Vierge Marie", in french. I think that The Virgin Mary is a figure of Motherhood. THe show of unconditional love, the faith and devotion towards her son is a beautiful thing.
This is a very full drawing, where the only white is on her face, and she is very much at peace with herself.
I didn't do as much thick black lines in this one, although I still think of it as a stained glass representation that I draw inspiration from. I didn't want to break the effect of calm and peace that would have happened with thick black lines around. So the lines are there, but not as much pronounced.

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