pen pencil and pastel on paper
21cm x 29.70cm
Lost in Thought Saint
2015- This drawing was made as a serie when I worked on Christianity.
One of my brothers at the time was diagnosed with Cancer. He told me while getting treated that he Believed. He started to go to Church on a regular basis, Read the Bible. I made these with him in mind.

I kept on thinking back to the apostles. I thought "if I am going to draw something related to Christianity, I've got to do a saint, a believer".
In this drawing, I found that this man is a bit lost in thought, although I am not sure if that is the way I wanted him to look... I kept going with this idea, because I like the idea that a believer would still think about right and wrong and the meaning of life and such. I think that to believe, is a way to open more doors, with more questions. I think that this apostle still has many questions in his mind, that he wants answered.
Once again, I reflected this work around Stained glass representations. I did not want to give a background that would take away the depth of this drawing.

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