Hey everyone, 

I was unwell over the weekend so I couldn't share what I have been up to. 

As some of you may know, I have done some work on the masquerade subject. If you check the "Who am I?" page, you can see what I have been doing. 

My second piece is on the subject of love. 

Research: I initially wanted to put some music sheets on the love artwork, same as I did on the "Harlequin" one. turns out that with research, I decided to not put any lyrics or music reference. This coming piece has enough reference I believe, and adding more would have ruined it in my opinion. 

-Cupid: we have all heard of Cupid or Eros, who goes around with a  magic bow and arrows that will make people fall in love. He is often seen as a cherub (a toddler/ small child with wings) in older paintings. Recently, I have not seen anything on Cupid that looks new. I read somewhere that Cupid is supposed to be blind. So I got the idea from that last read, to do something that would wink at this idea basically. 

-Love hearts: I painted several hearts, all over the canvas, because that would be an easy way to recognize the subject matter that way. 

-Color red: My other piece concentrated on red background, with vivid colors inside the mask. For this piece, the red looks a bit washed down in places, going to a pink and white side. Love is not always easy, not always hearts and roses. It is also hardships, commitments, and fails and passes. 

-Reference to Venetian masquerade: I researched quiet a bit on different mask styles, different colors, different shapes. The full mask was more appropriate here, because when you love, it is with everything you have. 

Colors: Black and gold on the mask made it come out a lot more. I found it boring in white at first; decided to make it black, but i wasn't fully happy with it. So After some more research, I added gold and ta-da!!!! Perfection.

Mixed Media: I used several materials for this piece: gold color beads (kind of amber), a net I painted red and washed down a bit, black sparkles. That last bit really worked wonders in the way it looks now. 

Overall I am really happy with it, although it took me some time to get it right. I am glad that I keep pushing myself until I like the product. I feel like otherwise, there would be not satisfaction into my work. 

If I was to do things differently, I guess I would do some sketches first instead, and manage my time in a different way. Because this work is not time sensitive I kind of go with the flow and see where it gets me. Compared to my time sensitive pieces , where I need to get it done by a certain time and in a certain way, it feels like a lot of the decision making is out of my control, which can be good in a way. 

Anyway, kids are in bed with the music from my phone on. So I will post pictures of the painting tomorrow I think. 

Happy Valentine's day Everyone.

Keep the Love! Peace. 

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