We are the 4th of july, so for those of you who celebrate, firstly, Enjoy yourselves!

Secondly, I am currently working on something that is from my gut. I have never explained this before, because I did not feel it as much as I do with this one. But I hurt. 

I hurt, because I have been lazy and busy with other things that have "stopped" me from working on this piece. And I am mad at myself, for keeping it in for so long. I don't know how other painters feel about their work, and their need to put it on paper/canvas. Today, I am hurting because I cannot stop thinking about it. 

I want to work on a picture that makes me think of our freedom, our freedom to be people. Good people, educated people. Poeople who can realise that others around us, close or far, HURT. We submit to life, but then we don't take care of this gift. We don't realise until it is too late, that we should LIVE! We don't have time to make excuses and feel sorry for ourselves. 

For some of you, Atlas may be a familiar name. In Greek mythology, it is said that Atlas carries the world on his shoulders. So I will let you think about all I said, and think from there about what I am working on next. 

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