Jan 11, 2018

No choice

Good Afternoon everyone,

I have been hearing a Lot of people lately saying that there is "no choice" for this or that problem they face. I Do not believe that is true to be honest. 

Let me explain myself: I think that even when we don't have a choice, we still DO in fact still have a choice.

And our MAIN choice is the way in which we take the situation: positive or negative. 

We can all think of a situation where we said or thought that we had a "bad" day, or to the contrary a "good" day. So what makes those 24 hours different from one another?

Answer: Our Perception of it. Think about it: You can wake up in the morning, see that the weather is all grey and "miserable" outside, and think "rrrrh, I need to wear a stupid coat now, and the weather is probably gonna get worse and this day sucks already..."


You could think "I am in such a good mood, and the weather is pretty outside, making it feel like the time has stopped for a moment before waking up to a beautiful day too. I can wear that pretty jumper to keep me warm and use my thermos for my coffee. I'll enjoy it outside". 

It is all about perspective. So be Bold, be Strong and Think Positive!

Until Next time, 


Oct 06, 2017

Challenge Yourself

I could not sleep last night. I could not sleep because my brain would not shut down. I could not sleep because I kept on thinking about why we do what we do. Why do we think that what we do is enough? When did we stop challenging ourselves and settled? I say we because I mean "we" in general: people I see at work, friends, family, myself.

 We stop challenging ourselves because it is easy. We settle because it is easy. We complain because it is easy. We are content but not HAPPY. Happiness is so fleeting that we shouldn't worry/bother... but everyone wants to be happy. When did we stop and think: "That's it, I'm settling"? Why are we not challenging ourselves? Why are we okay with being average? Why are we not looking for Outstanding, Excellent? When did we stop believing that our children, our friends, our peers were okay being the same as everyone else? 

I don't want to settle. I don't want to be like everyone else. I want to do great! I want to feel great with what I do, with my goals and projects. I feel good about myself, I am confident about my body, which I am grateful for. But it is not enough. I want to do MORE. I want to BE more. 

We have to push ourselves! We have to set the bar higher! Let our children know that they CAN achieve greatness. Let our Children and Soon-to-Be Adults know Respect and Excellence. 
Let us PUSH and PUSH until they reach the TOP. Until they settle at the best that they can DO. NO is not an Answer.

 Do your Best!
 Be your Best! 
 Challenge Yourself. 

No wonder I could not sleep.... 
Have a nice day everyone, 
And be Awesome!
Sep 13, 2017

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Hi everyone, 

I have been very quiet lately, as I have been working on Hindu mythology.
So far I have come up with Shiva (during Nataraj), Ganesh, Lakshmi and Hanuman
I made several copies of the process: each individual without background to having a background. Then I added colors. 

To see the results, go to the Religious page. 

If you would be interested in having a copy of these black and white pictures, just contact me with your name and address as well as which one you would like. Prices may vary depending on where you live.  
Thank you all for your support. 

See you soon, 
Jul 04, 2017


We are the 4th of july, so for those of you who celebrate, firstly, Enjoy yourselves!

Secondly, I am currently working on something that is from my gut. I have never explained this before, because I did not feel it as much as I do with this one. But I hurt. 

I hurt, because I have been lazy and busy with other things that have "stopped" me from working on this piece. And I am mad at myself, for keeping it in for so long. I don't know how other painters feel about their work, and their need to put it on paper/canvas. Today, I am hurting because I cannot stop thinking about it. 

I want to work on a picture that makes me think of our freedom, our freedom to be people. Good people, educated people. Poeople who can realise that others around us, close or far, HURT. We submit to life, but then we don't take care of this gift. We don't realise until it is too late, that we should LIVE! We don't have time to make excuses and feel sorry for ourselves. 

For some of you, Atlas may be a familiar name. In Greek mythology, it is said that Atlas carries the world on his shoulders. So I will let you think about all I said, and think from there about what I am working on next. 

Mar 17, 2017

A few changes

Hi everyone, 

I am making a few changes to my website, so don't worry too much if it does not look the same, you are still on the right website :)

I have not been around much, I am sorry about that. To be honest, I have been busy at home and at work both. It has been very difficult to fit any painting and sketching into my timetable lately. A little inside peak: I found a new day job, which I really enjoy and fits me better in my lifestyle. My children are going to nursery in April, and I have been running around like a headless chicken it feels. But I have now found the nursery, so that is good at least. 

I am currently re-working on the Captain America that I made a little while ago. I will publish pictures once I am done. 

Also I am going on a family Holiday from the 18th March until the 30th of march, so I won't be around to answer any questions or take any orders. I will do another post to let you guys know again. 

See  you soon,

Lolita. xxx
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