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My name is Lolita, I am a Contemporary Fantasy Artist. 


If there was one word that could describe my work, I would say it is "dream". I always imagine fantastic stories and situations involving dragons, fairies or witches. Although I paint many subjects, and I work in different styles; in essence, I am still drawn to fantasy worlds. 

I am also a big Believer of Achievement, and Empowerment. You may notice in several artworks that I create achievement through an idea or a story, a belief in Greatness, and Self-Belief.

Why Do I paint? "Why do you breathe"

To be honest, I never thought to put it into words before now.

I love to create pictures, to tell a story or give a message through a picture. I want to share my passion with everyone. On paper, it doesn’t matter if you are black, white or blue. It doesn’t matter if you are thin, have curves or if you’re a warrior skeleton! My imagination takes me to unknown places that I want to share with you and through you.

IT is a blessing to have this “gift” (as many see it), and to bring happiness, laughter and sadness in pictures.

Why would you buy Art, if it isn't to bring you a feeling -of joy, of peace, of Home. A painting needs to be pleasing to your senses. It also needs to make some kind of sense, even if it is an abstract artwork, where you may not know exaclty what you are looking at.

 I want to fill every home and office with art, and you should want that too.

Because it is beautiful, because it is there, but mostly because it gives hope in a world that can feel hopeless, it shows love in a world that really needs it, and it gives beauty in a world that forgot how beautiful and magical it is.

All those ideas, those thoughts, come to me like a lovesick feeling, where I do not feel like myself, until I put the idea on paper. After that, I can breathe again. So, creating is a pretty important part of myself.

I hope that you really enjoy what I make. I am open to suggestions (constructive critic), and even commission ideas. Make sure to share - the love, and I hope to speak with you soon.

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